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The Price of a Small Hot Fire

by E.F. Schraeder

The Price of a Small Hot Fire - E.F. Schraeder
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: 9781947879614
Pages: 104

A careful study on estrangement and loss, The Price of a Small Hot Fire excavates the archetypal horrors of monstrous motherhood, from abandonment and unsteady reconciliation to the grave. Experimental and intimate, E.F. Schraeder’s collection gives voice to a semi-autobiographical examination of a griefscape from a queer lens.

Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press
Cover Artists:
Languages Available: English
Languages Available: English
Reviews:BETSY NICCHETTA on Glamorous Book Gal wrote:

"The Price of A Small Hot Fire is a collection of poetry that was personally powerful for me. Themes of social anxiety and isolation are prevalent in the poems. As someone who has social anxiety, "I Never Said", "Things No one Said" "Lavendar Maybe" and "Don't Leave" profoundly resonated with me. It felt like those poems articulated quiet dark corners of my soul.
... Overall, the poetry in this collection dances between intense emotion and eloquent phrases, proving to be a masterpiece."

Lisa M. Bradley on wrote:

"Schraeder steadfastly reflects on a deeply wounded childhood, maternal estrangement, and death without looking away... Although unified by theme, the poems in this collection vary in a satisfying way. Schraeder experiments with different styles, like the pantoum and sestina, and explores different formats. Words are torn apart and welded back together again like wrought iron. Schraeder taps into the literary Frankenstein, as well as the pop culture version, and even ventures into Hinduism. These different takes refresh the reader, allowing the poet to explore the ache of abandonment and loss to a degree that might otherwise be overwhelming... The Price of a Small Hot Fire is E.F. Schraeder’s first full-length poetry collection. I’m eager to see what Schraeder turns that razor-sharp focus and felicity of language to next."

About the Author

E. F. Schraeder believes in ghosts, magic, and dogs.  Schraeder is the author of As Fast as She Can (Sirens Call Publications, 2022); the Imadjinn Award finalist, Liar: Memoir of a Haunting (Omnium Gatherum, 2021); the story collection Ghastly Tales of Gaiety and Greed (Omnium Gatherum, 2020), and several poetry chapbooks including the forthcoming Judy Garland is Not a Sunrise (Finishing Line Press).  A semi-finalist in Headmistress Press’ 2019 Charlotte Mew Chapbook Contest, Schraeder's creative work has appeared in many journals and anthologies including What Remains, Dancing in the Shadows: A Tribute to Anne Rice, Moonflowers & Nightshade: An Anthology of Sapphic Horror Sinister Wisdom, Lavender Review, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, and others. Schraeder’s nonfiction has appeared at Fright Girl, Vastarien: A Literary Journal, the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Blog, Radical Teacher, and other venues.