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A Bright Star

Toybox Book 2

by Tony Farnden

A Bright Star - Tony Farnden - Toybox
Part of the Toybox series:
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 0.99
ISBN: 9798215073971
Pages: 128

Nova Pendragon has found his childhood friend and love of his life. Found as in he knows where Leaf is. Not in his arms unless he is sleeping but locked away by the shadowy Consortium. Is there a plot to keep them apart? Maybe or just maybe a plot to keep Nova on his own for as soon as finds someone else they too are taken from him. They can try but Nova is not taking any more. He will get both his men back!


“It is decided. You will go, take them across the Moons and honour the agreement.”

“But we cannot meet the terms in full.”

“We are doing what we can. They will understand. You will do all you can to make it work. Take whatever time you need. You will travel light. No personal belongings. Nothing to tempt robbers.” His grandfather held out his hand as Daniel slipped the rings from his fingers and his hair. “It’s been quiet due to the drought. They’ve moved to where the pickings are better. Better safe than . . .”

“Dead, Grandfather?”

“You should probably cut off your braids. It will be safer. Less to grab hold of. 

“Yes, Grandfather. I’ll ask Lowdy.” 


“The same goes for clothes. Keep it simple. You should be fine. It’s warm and the snow has gone from the high ground.” 

Daniel looked at his feet. “Am I being sent because I . . .”

His grandfather reached out and raised his head. “You are blessed, not cursed. The goddess saw fit to give you a gift. Do not let the ignorant make you feel less of yourself, Danny. They do not understand the wyrd. What you can do is for the good of every living thing. You are worthy of Her notice. Where you are going, things are different. They know magic. It won’t matter to them. They will value you because of it.”

“I can come home when I’m finished?”

His grandfather pulled him into a hug and kissed his brow. “When you are ready.”

“I’ll do my best, Grandfather.”

“Of course you will. You are a Kellow.”


About the Author

Tony is touched by fairies and he does wish they would stop poking him when he walks his dogs. Since he moved to the wilds of Wales things have got no better. Anyway he has made a tentative offer to them. He's gong to write about them, tell their stories and spread a little fae love. They are thinking about it. Tony is not sure they'll approve when they read the tales he's been telling. He's not so worried as he believes he has the dragons on his side. He rather likes dragons in all their shapes and flavours. Whether they feel the same way . . . he's sure they're fine about it.

He's not so into social media but that could change. He could write about his bees, his garden, his wine and beer making but that might imply he's quite good at it while in fact he's more often surprised than anything else when something goes right. (That's not necessarily so when it goes awry.)

Oh yeah. He sometimes writes science fiction as well as fantasy, both he hopes with some romance involved or at least some kind of action or other.