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A Drop of Magic

by L.R. Braden

A Drop of Magic - L. R. Braden
Part of the The Magicsmith series:
  • A Drop of Magic
Editions:Paperback: $ 15.95
ISBN: 978-1611949414
Kindle: $ 4.99
Audiobook: $ 25.99

With the world clinging to a fragile peace forced on the Fae by humanity after the Faerie Wars, metalsmith Alex Blackwood is plunged into the world of the half-fae who traffick in illegal magical artifacts. Her best friend’s murder and his cryptic last message place her in the crosshairs of a scheme to reignite the decade-old war between humans and fae.

Worse, violent attacks against her and the arrival of a fae knight on a mission force Alex to face a devastating revelation of who and what she is. To catch a killer, retrieve a dangerous artifact, and stop a war, Alex will have to accept that she’s an unregistered fae “halfer” with a unique magical talent—a talent that would change everything she believes about her past, her art, and her future.

Her world is crumbling around her, and Alex will have to decide who to trust if she and the world are going to survive.

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Reviews:Diana Pharaoh Francis wrote:

"A damned fun and original read, with sass, action, hot men, and a whole lot of magic."

J.D. Brown on I Love Vampire Novels wrote:

For super fans of the Sookie Stackhouse series comes an all new debut author that will make you fall in love with the paranormal being “out of the coffin” again!

About the Author

L.R. Braden is the bestselling author of the Magicsmith urban fantasy series. Her work has won the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Sci-fi/Fantasy, the First Horizon Award for debut authors, and the Imadjinn Award for Best Urban Fantasy. She and her family live in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, where she spends her time writing, playing, and weaving metal into intricate chain mail jewelry that she sells in her Etsy shop.