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Demon Veil


by Grace Hudson

He killed the only family she had. Now he’s after her.

When Maia Gellman loses her home, job, and family in one night, she does the only thing she can do: run.

It’s easy to get lost on the road with a new band, new friends, perhaps a new life. But the demon she left behind is gaining ground, and it awakens something sinister within her.

Will Maia find a way to stand and face the demon, or will she succumb to the fate he has in store for her?

Publisher: Nephilim Publishing
Tropes: Antihero, Band of Misfits, Becoming a Monster, Dark Enemy, Dark Lord, Demonic Possession, Found Family, Hunted, Possession, Reluctant Hero, Ultimate Evil, Waiting/Sleeping Evil

Setting: USA, Desert, unspecified

About the Author

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Grace lives by the beach in Australia, land of sun, surf and drop bears!

She spends a lot of time in her writing cave but can be tempted to come out to check social media from time to time.