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Happy Dilf Day

Stories Celebrating Hot Dads

Happy Dilf Day - Lori Perkins
Editions:Paperback - 1: $ 7.02
ISBN: 1626012873
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 192

There’s just nothing sexier than a man who loves kids and knows how to show it. Everyone knows that’s a man who can be trusted with your heart. And, as they grew older and hotter (and so do we), it’s equally sexy to see a man treat his teenaged or young adult offspring with love and respect.

So curl up in your favorite chair and read these radically different tales of fathers we love from new dads to old dads, gay dads, vampire dads and even some dad ménage!

With stories by Guy New York, Trinity Blacio, Ryan Field, Jon Jockel, John Michael Curlovitch, Stacy Brown, Stephen B. Pearl and Misha Martin.

Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Fallen Hero, Person in Distress, Redemption Arc
Languages Available: English