Hookman and Friends

by Jamie Zaccaria

Hookman and Friends anthology
ISBN: 979-8673030738
Pages: 208
Pages: 157

The twisted truth to the beginning of Hookman.
A boy linked to Hookman through an unlikely kinship.
Killers with puppets and blenders as tools dealing in death.
And plenty of legends that give Hookman a run for his money.
You know the Hookman legend, but not like this.
Fourteen authors share new tellings of the legend and bring their own twisted tales to life.
Featuring stories by:

  • Daniel R. Robichaud
  • John Adam Gosham
  • Heinrich von Wolfcastle
  • Richard Beauchamp
  • Fred Williamson
  • Robert P. Ottone
  • Colin Newton
  • Scott McGregor
  • Patrick Barb
  • Sarah Cannavo
  • Chisto Healy
  • Jamie Zaccaria
  • Jim Eldred
  • Clark Boyd
The Crukker by Jamie Zaccaria

Six college students enter a flashlight corn maze on Halloween night in southern New Jersey and end up coming across one of the state's most dangerous urban legends.


About the Author

Jamie Zaccaria is a wildlife biologist by trade and writer by pleasure. She currently works for a wildlife conservation organization and writes fiction in her spare time. She is also a volunteer part-time Staff Writer for The Rational Online. She currently lives in New Jersey with her girlfriend, cats and pitbull. For a complete portfolio, please visit www.jamiezaccaria.com

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