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Love is Silent

by Toni Sweeney

Love is Silent - Toni V. Sweeney
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 3.99
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 348
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Cover Artists:
Setting: 19th Century England
Languages Available: English
Setting: 19th Century England
Languages Available: English

“David, come in.” His sister didn’t appear to notice. She raised a hand, beckoning. “Let me introduce you to our guest.”
Standing, she took the little slate from the desk, scribbling a few words upon it and holding it out to him. Anna would learn that although she always wrote what she wanted to say, she also spoke to him as if he could hear, for the benefit of anyone else present.
She also noticed Lady Eleanor didn’t speak loudly, as most people did to someone deaf. Her voice didn’t raise above normal speaking level. Indeed, for all the good actually speaking did her brother, she could’ve simply mouthed the words at him.
He glanced at the slate, then back to Anna, and the scowl deepened. A hand went to his riding pocket, bringing out a miniature slate similar to Lady Eleanor’s. A chalk pencil was attached and he pulled it loose, writing a couple of words and turning it so his sister could see.
Anna saw also.
Not maid?


He thinks I’m a servant? Anger sputtered, then died. I am, aren’t I? In a way.
Shaking her head, Lady Eleanor proceeded to write more. “She’s here to teach you the deaf language.”
On the slate Anna could see the words, teach you...deaf language...
Something she could only call fury flashed across his face. His lips tightened, pursing into a pout. He shook his head, glanced at Anna again and repeated the movement even more violently, making curling strands of hair escape from its club. One hand shook in a decidedly negative gesture, then clenched into a fist.

Reviews:Kat Henry Doran on Wild Women Reviews wrote:

Anna Leighton, fluent in educating the deaf and hard of hearing, takes a position as teacher to twenty year-old David Woods, Lord Mayfield. She is given six months to teach him to communicate effectively and make his way into British society or he'll be declared incompetent, losing both his title and the inheritance to a greedy, ne'er do well cousin.
While Anna is a young but talented teacher, she's never taken on an adult student and her work is cut out for her--especially after David balks at the thought of returning to the classroom. She doesn't put up with his tantrums and sparks fly--on both sides. Together, the two teach other several important life lessons and manage to forge a future.
The love story is sweet and sensual and deep. The characters are layered and compelling in their goals, motivation and conflict. Beyond those important qualities in any work of fiction, the detailed research by author Blackstone is impressive. Love Is Silent comes with an added bonus of teaching the reader about the history of education of the hearing impaired. We applaud Ms. Blackstone for her extraordinary effort.

Out of 5 stars, this earns a 6.

Kat Henry Doran, Wild Women Reviews
Review of 1st Edition

Linda Laye on Amazon wrote:

"Love Is Silent" by Icy Snow Blackstone is a delightful historical romance, filled with unexpected twists and captivating characters.

Anna Leighton, a lovely young woman capable of teaching sign language (a relatively unknown art in the days of horse and carriage) accepts a teaching position at the imposing Mayfield estate, and is surprised to discover that her pupil is not the shy little boy she expected. David Woods is a handsome, charismatic young nobleman who lost his hearing in a tragic accident when he was five. David is now coming of age, when his full title of Baron and all the fortune it entails will legally belong to him. However, his inheritance is at risk, threatened by a devious cousin who wants it as his own, claiming that the young man is not only deaf but dumb in the truest sense, coddled by his older sister, incapable of handling the estate responsibilities awaiting him. David's one chance to keep what is rightfully his depends upon whether he can learn to communicate through the use of sign language and prove his mental acuity -- all within a very short period of time.

The challenges and frustrations they both face as David struggles to learn sign language, and the danger and delight of falling in love spurred by the threat of losing everything they have gained, makes "Love Is Silent" a unique, compelling story.

Review of 1st Edition

Linda Tonis on Paranormal Romance Guild wrote:


Novel: Love is Silent
Author: Icy Snow Blackstone
Publisher: Class Act Books
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: Adult

Anna Leighton is a teacher at McAdam Academy for the Deaf in London. When her fourteen year old sister went deaf after an illness she did everything in her power to learn how to do sign language and whenever she had a holiday she taught her sister. She changed her sister's life and she eventually married. Now Anna wants to do what she can to help others.
Lady Eleanor Woods has requested a teacher for her brother David and the head of the school recommended Anna. When she arrives at Mayfield Manor she finds herself tutoring not a child but a man close to his majority (twenty). She has only dealt with children but how will an adult deal with her teaching him.
David went deaf at the age of five when the carriage he and his parents were in crashed leaving everyone dead and him without his hearing. His sister Eleanor became his guardian and gave up her chance at a happily ever after to raise him. After all these years she has brought a tutor for David because a cousin is claiming he is disabled and incompetent and that the title of Baron and all property and money be given over to him. His cousin believes that David is unable to live a normal life and cannot marry. Without an heir noone will carry on the family name, something Desmond is able to do.
While undergoing his training Anna and David become attracted to each other. Unfortunately, Eleanor failed to teach David the most important things. She concentrated on him being a gentleman but never had him taught about women. She stopped teaching him piano and stopped all parties since she was convinced he couldn't dance. She totally underestimated him something Anna did not do.
David grew up with no knowledge of what layed behind his pants, it became" It" to him and he had no idea what to do with "It" until he saw a horse breed. His sister managed to have every horse or animal gelded so he would never see what happens between a male and female even if they were animals. Another mistake Eleanor made was learning sign language did not show that David was competent because he could not really communicate unless it was with another person who knew sign language. Her heart was always in the right place but she failed in many ways.
His feelings for Anna grow as well as her feelings for him but she is a country doctor's daughter and he is a Baron. He also only has knowledge of what a woman and man do by reading one of his father's porn books and seeing the horses. I do not want to say anything more about this book because it is something that has to be read. I loved this story because it reminded me so much of the Classics I read i.e. Jane Eyre, books that never grow old and can be read over and over again. I loved the era it took place in where a woman never saw a naked man and where a woman was considered past her prime at twenty.
I can't recommend this book highly enough especially if you are a lover of the Classics.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Review of 1st Edition

Ruth Hartman on Amazon wrote:

Love is Silent will tug at your heartstrings. A teacher who specializes in teaching the deaf, is hired to work with a young man about her age. He's been deaf since the age of 5 and hasn't had a lot of education. After some initial turmoil, the two work together well. There ends up being more taught than sign language and lip reading, too. The two grow and change together, each making new discoveries about each other and themselves. There's also a great plot twist near the end!

Review of 1st Edition

About the Author

Toni V. Sweeney has lived 30 years in the South, a score in the Middle West, and a decade on the Pacific Coast and now she’s trying for her second 30 on the Great Plains.

Since the publication of her first novel in 1989, Toni divides her time between writing SF/Fantasy/Horror under her own name and the pseudonyms Icy Snow Blackstone and Tony-Paul de Vissage. She is also on the review staff of the New York Journal of Books, was an amazon reviewer, and is in the 1% of reviewers for Goodreads. In 2016, she was named a Professional Reader by

Currently, Toni has written 94 novels with 84 of them have been published. This includes several series.