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Only Bones Remain

by Denise B. Tanaka

Only Bones Remain - Denise Robarge Tanaka
Editions:Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: 978-1434888358
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 424

She lost a war… Ravel, a captain in her father’s cavalry unit, alone survived the defeat of her prince and country at the end of a civil war. Now, she is a fugitive without a home.

He won a kingdom… Prince Glea returned after forty years lost at sea. Still youthful as the day he sailed, he could not explain how he gained immortality. When his doubting brothers called him a pretender, he waged a civil war to reclaim his royal birthright in blood. Now, he must deal with the aftermath.

One chases the sky… A nobleman scholar avoided the civil war to embark on a solitary quest. Lord Torval must elude his pursuers long enough to find what he seeks. More innocent lives are at stake than anyone knows, and only he holds the key to their survival.

Publisher: Sasoriza Books
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Fallen Hero, Immortality, Lost Civilization
Word Count: 424
Setting: other world
Languages Available: English
Tropes: Fallen Hero, Immortality, Lost Civilization
Word Count: 424
Setting: other world
Languages Available: English

Captain Ravel po’Marn rode tall at her father’s side not just as his daughter but as bodyguard to the Lord of the House of Spareen. Her father at fifty-seven was a wise, reasonable colonel who had earned his gray beard by serving as the feet, hands, and eyes for generals under Prince Rouchard po’Ruil. Protecting her father was vital not only to herself but to her household and her country. The threat of the enemy always loomed in her thoughts for she had known little else but Civil War for the past few years. No place felt permanent or safe. Maps were constantly being redrawn as Ravel’s prince gained or lost territory. Lately, her cerulean-and-cream flag had lost ground to the black-and-rouge. This coming year threatened to be a desperate struggle to maintain status quo.


Ravel and her father traversed a flowering meadow deep inside the territory of their allies and far from the skirmish lines. How different from the gloomy brick battlements of the Fortress on Lake Ward-to ride in the open without the immediate menace of enemy archers. Clear air and sunshine tempted her into a lull. A light mist in the spring breeze refreshed her cheeks. Moist grasses all around shined so bright a verdant that it hurt her eyes to look. A piercing azure colored the sky.

Yet, at the same time she admired the panorama, Ravel scanned blueberry bushes lest an enemy scout in camouflage might pop up. She scrutinized the humming of crickets and staccato chirps of sparrows for any interruption that could betray an enemy’s movement. If a spy scout for the Iron Prince should gallop through this spread of wild lace, she would span up her crossbow and load a bolt in two quick twists. She almost felt disappointed when the afternoon hours wore on and no trouble crossed her path.