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Orbiting Fortunes

by A.L. MacDonald

Alan Mercier's life as a cop on Mars was years and two hundred million kilometers behind him. After his partner is killed he is ready to let others do the good deeds, play the hero, and suffer the consequences. He is ready for the wild, lawless world of flying a space junker.The toughest part of space junking isn't the it's keeping the find away from other space junkers, and staying on the good side of the beautiful station manager, Kate. Then there are the finds in some are duds, some extremely valuable, and some cause more trouble than one can imagine.It's the latter such find that leads Alan from orbit to a remote island in the Pacific, then halfway to Mars, and all the way back to facing what really drives him - even if it could get him killed.

Cover design by Michelle Young(

Editing by B.K. Ntouris(


There’s a lot of neat stuff in orbit around Earth. For a century, we have been chucking stuff up there: dogs, monkeys, empty fuel stages, radioisotope thermoelectric generators, ion engines, solar panels — you name it. All in all, there’s over 10,000 tons of stuff up there. Not only are there some valuable things in that high-speed junkyard, but it’s starting to be in the way of all the new space missions vaulting off the Earth. And the folks building the huge space station Aldrin, obsessed with costs of payload to orbit, are very interested in the mass that is already in orbit. That means people will pay a pretty penny to have someone comb through the thousands of kilometerss of spinning dead metal and pick out the best pieces for salvage. That’s what space junkers do. And there are lots of them dancing through the debris. Sometimes they find great stuff, sometimes they find duds, sometimes they can


t hold on to a fortune if someone else wants it more, and sometimes they find things they aren’t supposed to. Such is the way of orbiting fortunes.

It’s easy to pilot a space junker. Don’t believe me? I can explain it to you in ten minutes, and then you’ll know how to fly one too. Interested? You can’t just not find out. I mean, I never could, about anything, and that’s why I found the thing I definitely should not have found. I just couldn’t leave it alone.


About the Author

A.L. MacDonald is a Canadian sci-fi author. He lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and two children. Outside of working as a Mechanical Engineer, he enjoys sailing, reading, dreaming up mad inventions in his workshop or riding his e-bike and imagining using it for intergalactic deliveries.