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The Repossessed Ghost

by Brian Buhl

Do you think ghosts haunt only houses?

As a repo man, Mel just pulled off the smoothest take of his life. Kate, a college student, was undecided on which major to pursue. All of their plans went out the window the night Mel found Kate in the back of a ’74 Nova.

When Mel becomes a suspect in Kate’s murder, he must leave his life behind and make a new start in Sacramento, where he and Kate meet other people with supernatural gifts. But not everything is sunshine and roses in California. Awakening to power comes at a cost, and all ghosts eventually become monsters.

Can Mel trust these new friends in Sacramento? Can he help Kate find some peace without landing himself in jail?

The fateful night Mel slipped behind the wheel of an old Chevy, it wasn’t just the car that became repossessed.

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About the Author

Hailing from sunny Sacramento, California, Brian Buhl is trying to save the world. Formerly enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, Brian now spends most of his time writing software for the solar industry. When he’s not engineering technical solutions, he can sometimes be found playing saxophone with local community bands. Also, he writes science fiction and fantasy.

Brian and his wife have been married for more than a quarter century, and they have two (mostly) adult children. Brian is a tinkerer, occasionally hand-crafting bespoke mechanical keyboards for his own amusement. Brian has been writing for a long time.