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Rites & Desires

by Amanda Cherry

By day, Ruby Killingsworth is a billionaire media mogul. By night, she's a magic wielding supervillain. Her worst day ever came last year when a ritual gone wrong robbed her of the ability to use her powers, and now she will stop at nothing to get them back. With the help of her old pal, Loki (yes, that Loki), and the band of supernatural minions he sends to her aid, Ruby sets out to unlock the secrets of an ancient African gem-- which proves easier said than done.

And she's going about this while simultaneously working to seduce her neighbor: fellow billionaire Jaccob Stevens-- also known as Stardust, the city's preeminent superhero, also known as the city's least eligible man. Did I mention he hates magic?

As though that isn't enough, Ruby must also deal with the unwanted attentions of a certain Lyle Prather: notorious former reality TV star and recently inaugurated President of the United States (sound familiar?).

The going is tough, but Ruby just might be tougher. And a trickster god is never on anybody's side but his own....

About the Author

Amanda Cherry is a native of Pensacola, FL, and an alumnus of UNLV who hasn't been thoroughly warm since moving to the Seattle area in 2003. Amanda's first love was performing, and she has had a successful career as a theatre, television and film actress.

Amanda’s first book was penned in her family’s den and published by her father in time for Christmas in 1985, she was six years old. After the limited success of that first outing, Amanda turned to writing stories for fun. She spent the next twenty-odd years doing just that.

A lifelong nerd, Amanda joined the staff at her favorite Star Wars site, Tosche Station, as a contributing writer in 2016 and discovered that letting other people read what she’d written was actually pretty fun. Thanks to the encouragement of a friend, she was invited to submit to Cobalt City Christmas: Christmas Harder in 2016 while living overseas in Berlin, Germany. When she learned that her story was bought, she cried.

Capitalizing on the success of that publication, Amanda’s pitch for a follow-up novel was accepted. The rest is, as they say, history.

Amanda once again lives in the Seattle area with her husband of ten years and four year-old son. In her free time, she enjoys driving her little blue convertible and officiating flat track roller derby.