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Running From Forever

by K. Aten

Running From Forever - K. Aten - Blood Resonance
Part of the Blood Resonance series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99
Paperback: $ 17.95
ISBN: 978-1619293984
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 198

Sarah Colby has always run from commitment. But after more than a year on the road following her musical dreams, even she yearns for a little stability. Her sister Annie is only too happy to welcome her back home. When she meets Annie's boss, Nobel Keller, she's immediately drawn to the woman's youthful good looks and dangerous charisma. The first night together leaves Sarah aching for more, but the second shows her the true price of passion.

Welcome to Columbus, where the only thing hotter than the music scene is what happens after the last note is played.
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About the Author

K. Aten is an award-winning author living in Michigan with her wife, two kids, two cats, and her photogenic dog, Jill. She’s published sixteen mostly speculative fiction novels since 2018 and is currently penning for Flashpoint Publications. Kelly loves fanfic, gravitates toward speculative fiction in both reading and writing, and will talk your ear off about the entire book writing process. Kelly writes heroines into existence one story at a time.