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Stalking the Moon

"Wyrdwood Welcome" Book 1

by Angel Leigh McCoy

Stalking the Moon - Angel Leigh McCoy - Wyrdwood
Part of the Wyrdwood Welcome series:
  • Stalking the Moon
Pages: 448

What’s real? What’s imagined?

Viviane is schizophrenic. It’s genetic—from her mother’s side of the family. She can usually handle her hallucinations, but when one of them starts killing people, Viviane discovers that nothing in her world is as mundane as she thought it was. Especially not her fiancé who brings his own special magic to their relationship. It’s a long fall from the moon, and Reality will never be the same.

Escape with Viviane into the dark of night where romance is thwarted by the sinister machinations of family politics and the clash between two very different worlds.

Reviews:Kerry on Goodreads wrote:

In Angel Leigh McCoy’s “Stalking the Moon,” magical realism crashes into the all-too-real world of mental illness, and the author handles it with a sympathetic and supportive voice. In it, the lead character, Viviane, finds her complicated connections with reality slipping when a mystery evolves. With some vivid settings and creepy overtones, complicated characters and memorable action, this book sprints to a conclusion too soon. Luckily, this is the first in a series.

Lee the Writer on wrote:

Sexy, mysterious, and atmospheric. I adored the setting, and the love interest and relationship were so compelling! I’m excited to read the next two and see how the series ends!

Joan Kern on wrote:

This book is a departure from anything else I have ever read. It is part psychology and part psychiatry which I am accustomed to reading as case studies. Never have I ever read a book for pleasure that contains both subjects as a form of entertainment. Little did I expect such a journey to be so enjoyable. I found the closer I came to finishing it the more I wanted it to continue. Please do read this book and soon.

D and J on wrote:

This book has engaging characters, believable settings, and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep you hooked until you reach the magical ending. The writing is so vivid with sensory detail and images that I feel as though I have met the characters and visited the settings.

I am also impressed with the way the author dealt with the topic of mental illness.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wholeheartedly recommend it.

"Wyrdwood" is an umbrella world that contains multiple series. The series follows the same characters. STALKING THE  MOON is the first book in the "Wyrdwood Welcome" trilogy that also includes JUMPING THE MOON and HEXING THE MOON. If you're discovering Wyrdwood for the first time, this trilogy will give you the perfect introduction to it. Please visit for more information. Best wishes from the author Angel Leigh McCoy.