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The Avian Emperor

Pinkerton man Bram McCabe likes to work alone. But when a madman titling himself the Avian Emperor threatens the world's skies, he's forced to work with an English team already on the case.

Things go from bad to worse for Bram when he takes more than a professional interest in Vyvian—a man with a secretive past. Each man dances around the other, hiding their true feelings, knowing they live in very different worlds.

The Avian Emperor is as cunning and lethal as he is intelligent and when he kidnaps Vyvian, Bram holds the key to finding him. Bram will do anything it takes to rescue Vyvian. But is he willing to unlock his own inner secrets?

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Publisher: Evernight Publishing
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Word Count: 67000
Word Count: 67000

"I doubt I could drink any more," Vyvian whispered against Bram's lips as they eased apart.

"Then come to bed with me?" Bram murmured, keeping his voice soft.


Taking Vyvian's hand in his, Bram led him to the bedroom. Tueri flew from Vyvian's lapel to settle on the bedside table and Vyvian laughed softly. "He doesn't like sleeping far from me."

Bram laughed with him, although slightly puzzled at the way Vyvian spoke of the dragon. It's only a mechanical when all's said and done. Then everything but the man before him was pushed aside.

His coat was already draped on a chair and his vest followed, and Bram found himself unable to tear his gaze away from each portion of pale smooth skin revealed as Vyvian unbuttoned his shirt.


As Vyvian shrugged out of the garment, Bram played catch up with fumbling fingers. Glad he'd already removed his jacket in the lounge, Bram wrestled his way out of his vest and yanked his shirt off over his head after unfastening just a few buttons.

Ducking his head slightly, Vyvian glanced up at Bram as he touched the waistband of his pants.

He's shy. My turn to lead the way. Smiling reassuringly, Bram unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to the floor and shaking them from each foot. He took the two steps necessary to sit on the bed and undo his boots. They and his socks came off next, leaving him in just his drawers. With a wink, he shoved them down, revealing his erect cock.

A soft gasp escaped Vyvian, his gaze riveted to Bram's dick. Bram stroked it slowly with his right hand. "Take your time. I'm enjoying the view."

A red flush crept over Vyvian's cheeks. He moved to the chair and removed his trousers before sitting to remove his boots and socks, and then stood to push down his drawers.

Still stroking his dick, Bram bit back a groan at the sight of Vyvian naked and hard. However, his cock had no such worries at showing its appreciation, a surge of his juices dribbled free, slicking his organ, enabling Bram to speed up his movements.

Releasing his cock, Bram rose to his feet and moved over toward Vyvian. He held out his left hand. "Join me?"

Nodding, Vyvian accepted Bram's hand and they approached the bed together. Before getting on the bed, Bram drew Vyvian into a gentle kiss. "We only do as much as you are comfortable with. You tell me to stop at any time and I will. You have my promise on it."

A choked sound broke free from Vyvian and he framed Bram's face in his hands, kissing him repeatedly. Then he lay down, holding out his arms to Bram. "I want to feel you."