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The Chocolatier’s Wife

by Cindy Lynn Speer

When Tasmin’s betrothed, William, is accused of murder, she gathers her wind sprites and rushes to his home town to investigate. She doesn’t have a shred of doubt about his innocence. But as she settles in his chocolate shop, she finds more in store than she bargained for. Facing suspicious townsfolk, gossiping neighbors, and William’s own family, who all resent her kind – the sorcerer folk from the North — she must also learn to tell friend from foe, and fast. For the real killer is still on the loose – and he is intent on ruining William’s family at all cost.

The Chocolatier’s Wife is a truly original, spellbinding love story, featuring vivid characters in a highly realistic historical setting.

About the Author

Let's see...

I've been a writer since I was 13, when I decided that I wanted to write fantasy novels set in medieval worlds. I used to spend hours outlining books on heraldry, herbs, needle arts and that continues to stick in my head was called "Life on a Medieval Barony." I've written several stories since, but I never really used the information in a novel.


Now, years later, I've written a contemporary fantasy novel, Blue Moon and a fable-esq murder mystery The Chocolatier's Wife and several re-written fairy tales which have been collected, along with my other short fiction, in Wishes and Sorrows. My passion for the medieval has served me well, I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I study historic fencing (I was recently awarded with a White Scarf), sewing, and anything else shiny that catches my eye.

I also garden, (my favorite things to grow are herbs and bulbs,) hoard books, and find nice little warm patches of grass to take naps in.