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The Future’s So Bright

by Steven D. Brewer

The Future's So Bright anthology
Editions:Paperback: $ 16.99
ISBN: 195714663X
Pages: 326

From all the good things provided by advanced AI to the innocence of discovering new worlds, join our authors as they present uplifting stories of science fiction and fantasy.

Born In the Black by

To capture the idea of humanity exploring among the stars.

Emergence by

 I went underground, and I went with honesty: the Earth in the 21st century is in peril, and humans are to blame

Hopfull Future by

A son looks to the stars for validation.

Hydropolis by

Explores the complexities between the fairy tale and real world.

Imaginary Friends by Steven D. Brewer

Who are one's true friends?

Lady Jade by

Fallible human beings cooperating with each other in overcoming impending disaster and upholding the concepts of justice and compassion

Legacy by

Machine Intelligences by

Misty and the Windmills by

Night Circus by

Scars of Satyagraha by

The Comforting by

The Ear is a Vital Organ by

The Emperor's Proposition by

The Faceless Enemy by

The Last Gift by

The Repairwoman by

The Salvage at the Selvage by

Xenoveterinarian by

Publisher: Water Dragon Publishing
Cover Artists:

About the Author

Steven D. Brewer has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy stories for as long as he can remember. He still remembers getting scolded for not reading chapter books in fourth grade because he was avidly consuming The Hobbit late at night, by flashlight under his covers. And he probably got his copy from his older brother and most important mentor.

As an author, Steven identifies diverse obsessions that underlie his writing. His early interest in natural history, life science, and environmentalism he learned from his father, an ecologist and ornithologist. He attributes seeing his mother study German for his abiding passion for languages that led him to major in Spanish (as well as Biology) and subsequently learn Esperanto and use it for international correspondence and travel. His fascination with Japanese culture grew from writing haiku and haibun in Esperanto. And his mania for information technology and the Internet led him back to graduate school where he earned a Masters in Earth Science and a PhD in Science Education.

His scattered interests led to an eclectic employment history. He did farm work and food service growing up in southwest Michigan. He has worked as a large-animal caretaker, an archeological faunal analyst, a hunter of the fastest lizards in the world, a gas-station attendant, a bilingual teacher’s aide for a migrant-worker education program, and an edutainer with live animals and a portable planetarium. For the past quarter century, he has served as a non-tenure-system faculty member in higher education.

Steven currently teaches scientific writing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with his extended family.