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The Martian Diaries: Vol. 1 The Day Of The Martians

A New War of the Worlds Begins as Martian Tripods Return to Earth!

by H.E. Wilburson

The Day of the Martians - HE Wilburson - The Martian Diaries
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-8383250-0-8
Pages: 75
Audiobook: $ 5.95
ISBN: 978-1-8383250-3-9

The War Of The Worlds continues.... The terror of the coming of the Martians is all but a distant memory, a bad dream that has faded with time.
All George wants is a quiet suburban life – but at breakfast one morning his newspaper reports the shocking discovery of a Martian cylinder, found intact and unopened, and carefully transported to London. Could it be from the first alien invasion and after more than seven years are there Martians still alive inside?
By teatime George learns that vengeance seeking Martians and their tripod fighting machines are already on their way back. This time they are armed with a doomsday weapon, able to destroy all bacteria and completely annihilate Earth. The countless numbers of their projectiles form a huge green comet and invasion day will be just before Christmas.
The first attack by aliens was enough for any lifetime, but who would expect to be involved with two? Can George and his wife escape this new Martian apocalypse and how will our planet survive a second time? The Day Of The Martians continues the iconic Mars novel by H.G. Wells, in this exciting action adventure – the first volume of The Martian Diaries science fiction series.
If you're a fan of The War Of The Worlds you won't want to miss this award-winning 3 part continuation. Get the ebook today or check out the action-packed audio version featuring original music and sound effects.
Winner of 5 awards in the 2020 Los Angeles Science Fiction Film Awards, Audio Drama category, together with volume 2 Lake On The Moon.
“...a wonderfully executed tribute to H.G. Wells.” Readers Favorite 5 stars
...sometimes in life, amongst all the boring stuff, something comes along to shake up your life and make you grateful for other people’s creations.” Breakaway Reviews
“A splendid sequel.” C.A. Powell, science fiction author of The Last Days Of Thunder Child
“A little diamond from Mars!” Goodreads reviewer

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The first volume in this sequel to The War Of The Worlds was originally imagined purely as an audio with bespoke music and sound effects. For that purpose, the chapters were written in visual scenes' some of which are quite short, as the music was designed to create setting and atmosphere. For this reason you will find The Day Of The Martians a quick read of under two hours. The next two volumes in the series are much longer and in comparison they are each more than double the length of volume one. However it was always the author's intention to closely follow H.G. Wells’ style and storyline.

About the Author

H.E. Wilburson is an award-winning British author and composer, with accolades for the writing and music for The Martian Diaries series – his audio sequel to The War Of The Worlds.

Having long been drawn to the H.G. Wells science fiction classic, he decided in 2015 to continue the story himself as he felt there were questions Wells left unanswered. With almost a lifetime of composing and painting pictures with music, Wilburson created a sequel with his own musical compositions and added immersive sound effects.

He enjoys history, advances in science and listening to great music and story telling. When he's not writing, he is passionate about composing music, and favourite hobbies include hiking, chilling in the garden, entertaining his daughter with made up dad jokes and creating new story lines for The Martian Diaries