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The Scent of Lavender

by J. Maxwell

Werewolves, vampires, and King Arthur converge in the Lavender Valley.  Living safely in a valley set aside for them and protected by magic under a peace negotiated by King Arthur, the blood song and Lunae have left the past behind, seemingly. A prophecy has promised that a girl will be born of a certain family line and that she will give incredible power to her mate.

Stella is of the right line, but she carries the blood of both sides, half vampire, half werewolf.  She's half outcast with the wolves that raised her.  She's been told all her life that she can't be the girl of prophecy, that she'll never be good enough to be the luna of the clan.

Aurelius is the silver haired alpha. Raised in Camelot, Arthur expects the boy he raised to bring the wolves and the blood song into the civilized world. The only thing Aurelius has from his father is a letter telling him to marry Onyx.

Stella and Aurelius have a forbidden love that is about to wreck the civilized world.

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The door to the suite opened and it sounded like Lancelot, so Aurelius rose, stretched, spent one more tiny moment considering how beautiful Stella was, then went to check. 

It wasn’t far from the sleeping chamber to the sitting room, but Aurelius still reminded himself that wolves don’t fight alone. He wasn’t alone with unknown enemies and mysteries to solve. He had his whole clan, and his mate now. 

Lancelot bowed very slightly in his direction. “Merlin told me that you would want to speak with these two, so forgive me please for being slow in my return.” 


“One can not forgive where there has been no offence,” Aurelius said with a tired smile. With both Gisco and Costa half hiding behind Lancelot, it was impossible not to see how tall the knight was. It was such little things that are easy to know and easy to forget as one moves through life. 

“Costa, Gisco, I must speak with you.”  Aurelius held out his hands in what he hoped was a friendly welcome. As much as he welcomed and accepted the blood song as cousins and allies, their culture and ways were different and it was never easy to be certain. 

Costa stepped from behind Lancelot, then two more steps forward, his face growing redder as he approached. His fists were doubled up, but he barely looked Aurelius in the eyes. 

“Speak your peace, Costa. I hope you’ve heard but there will be no more titles in the Lunae Clan. We are all equal and all of us carry responsibilities for the well being of the clan.” 

“I will not stop seeing Gisco! I love him! I’ve never felt such a powerful mate attraction and I would sooner die than disavow him!” Now he looked his alpha in the eyes. Both fear and defiance putting unshed tears there to catch the light. 

“Please,” Gisco said, suddenly in front of Costa, protective and looking ten years older than the last time Aurelius had seen him. “If you require us to part, I will leave. Please don’t hurt or punish him. He is good and loyal and of more value than can ever be calculated.” 

Aurelius tilted his head, blinking softly, then struggled not to laugh at the two young men. He understood that Gisco had seen many more springs than any of Lunae, except maybe Gifford, but the both of them were still just barely men and impetuous, controlled by their emotions, and full of life. In them, Aurelius saw himself and there was hope for everything when love mattered more than all. “I understand,” Aurelius laid his palms over his heart and smiled conspiratorially, “ I too have found my true mate in the last day. I understand what a powerful feeling that is. I would no more try to separate you than I would pull the night from the day. Relax on that issue.”

It took them both a moment to back down from being ready to fight. That is what love is, Aurelius mused silently, the instinct to care for one’s love even at the cost of one’s self. He really did understand. 

“I’m sorry, Aurelius,” Costa said cautiously. It was a little uncomfortable to go without a title when it had been drilled into him that he would need to address Aurelius by the title given to him from Camelot. “What issue should we not relax about?”

“Gisco, have you been to Jerusalem?”

“Yes,” the blood song said cautiously. 

“Stella, my mate, should she so consent, has been attacked my a spell that has put her in a trance like sleep. Merlin tells me that to break the spell I need water that has touched the Mount of the Rose. We can not wake her until we have this cure.”

“I think I know what you mean, but that’s not what it’s called. I have been there. It’s very holy.”

“I would like you, Costa, and Nimue to go there and bring back this water to save Stella’s life. Can you do this thing?”

“I will go alone,” Gisco said, “I am much faster that way. She is my friend, to whom I owe my life. When I return, you will approve the bond between Costa and I?”

“I approve of it now. We can have a public blessing ceremony tonight, if you like. Who would you like to officiate?” 

Gisco reached his hand back and Costa locked their fingers together. “Stella,” Costa said, knowing that is what Gisco would want. 

“I can not agree for her, but I am sure she would be honored.” Aurelius said. “How long will this journey take? Do you need anything from me to aid your quest?”

“I’ll be back in a week.” Gisco turned to his love and pulled him close, embracing him as if it might be the last time they would see each other. Such a journey was not without peril. “Keep faith. I’ll be back, my love.” 

The shift to bat was just as smooth as a shift to wolf. Gisco leaned back into the shift, rolling over so he was rightside up, and was out the still open window so quickly that he was hard to track, even with wolf eyes. 


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