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Tower of Mud and Straw

by Yaroslav Barsukov

Tower of Mud and Straw - Yaroslav Baruskov
ISBN: 1640761896
Pages: 155
ISBN: 164076190X
Size: 4.25 x 7.00 in
Pages: 212

„Poetry in prose... I love a story that is huge, but also incredibly intimate, and this novella managed to encompass both of these things.“ —Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel in Game of Thrones)

Minister Shea Ashcroft took pity on innocents. The result was violence and exile. Out on the border, all he's in charge of now is construction of the queen's massive defensive tower, using technology brought by refugees from another world. But one of them warns him that the plan to use her people's devices may draw attention none of them can afford. If Shea backtracks, his future will be destroyed. If he doesn't, they all may be.

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Publisher: Metaphorosis - Vestige
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Tropes: Abandoned Place, Alien Artifacts, Aliens Among Us, Conspiracy, Cross-Species Friendships, Dystopian Governments, Fallen Hero, Fish Out of Water, Interspecies Romance, Lost Civilization, Magical Disaster, Parallel Worlds, Powerful Artifact, Reluctant Hero

Languages Available: English

Reviews:Alex Tas on The Quill to Live wrote:

In the ever growing market for novellas, Barsukov's story is a contender for the top brackets. It's clever, it's feverish, and leaves much up for interpretation.

Seregil of Rhiminee on Risingshadow wrote:

One of the best and most compelling fantasy novellas of the year.

Sarah Chorn on Bookworm Blues wrote:

It's different, and eye-catching, with stunning prose and a shocking amount of depth and story.

Łukasz Przywóski on Fantasy Book Critic wrote:

A fine example of a novella format.

Arina on Queen's Book Asylum wrote:

Like a good opera, Yaroslav is a master at setting the stage and pulling at heartstrings.

Celeste Richardson on Novel Notions wrote:

A very intriguing look into a world that I hope will be further explored.

About the Author

Nebula Award Finalist. Member of SF&F Writers of America. Left one former empire only to settle in another. Speaks German by day, Russian by night. Writes in English.