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Twenty Twelve

by Tracy Shew

Twenty Twelve - Tracy Shew
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 9.87
ISBN: 1497527759
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 440

A collection of seventeen short stories and one novella ("Inclemency"), all penned (or "computered") by Tracy Shew.

Who really killed JFK, and why? What strange secret do oranges hold? Can sub-sub-atomic particles have sex? Where do stories that no one will ever read go? What is God doing in Arizona? What happens when the national debt clock reaches zero? Where does luck come from? Do plants and animals have souls? What is the true source of your childhood fears?"

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Languages Available: English

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About the Author

Tracy Shew has had a varied life: Art Historian, professional pyrotechnician, professional philatelist, fledgling painter and sculptor, and once he managed the storage facility where Timothy McVeigh had rented a unit, necessitating a week-long vacation as investigators did their duty in mid-1995. Currently, he leads a quiet, unassuming life as an IT professional in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

After a lifetime of experience, and writing for 15 years, he feels ready to share some of his milder perceptions with others, wrapped in digestible (?), bite-size tidbits of prose. His goal is to show that the "ordinary" world around us is actually highly extraordinary, and that our perceptions of it are malleable and unique. Ostensibly, what he writes is urban fantasy, sometimes ranging into humor, science fiction, or horror. He looks to R.A. Lafferty, Terry Bisson, Haruki Murakami, Rod Serling, and anyone who demonstrates that thought-provoking content and strange but gripping story outweighs the appetite for bland, pretentious entertainment.

"If I've made you look at one thing around you in a new way, I'm satisfied."