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Twisted Maze

by Chris Black

Twisted Maze - Chris Black
Part of the Soldiers and Mercenaries series:
  • Twisted Maze
Part of the The Secret Histories series:
  • Twisted Maze
Editions:Kindle - 1: $ 4.99
ISBN: B089S444WM
Pages: 454

For 60 years, the “Founders” have been secretly infiltrating every aspect of the American government, law enforcement, military and judiciary, influencing government policy and biding their time for the day they can seize power, in the chaos that has followed the Covid Pandemic, the Founders believe that day has come...

A titanic power struggle is taking place between the western democracies; China and Russia and a new Cold War with hotspots of proxy-wars, such as the American led Anglo-American-French coalition in Iran, where British SAS Colonel Elizabeth Brooks commands an elite unit of Anglo-American Special Forces. Following a mission behind enemy lines, Elizabeth’s brother-in-law, John Crane of “Crane Technologies” shows up in Iran. Crane Tech has developed a cloaking device, but the secret’s out, the Founders know about it and they want it desperately and will stop at nothing to get it. Fearing he will be murdered, John needs a contingency plan. Elizabeth and her team are that plan…

FBI Special Agent Dexter Quills is in Virginia hunting a vicious serial killer, the “Three-Sixty Strangler” when he receives a call that will change his life forever when he’s ordered to the Crane Mansion, where the entire family with the exception of John’s youngest son Adam (Elizabeth Brooks’s biological son) have been murdered by Founder terrorists who want the “Perseus II” cloaking device in order to detonate a nuclear weapon over Washington DC to wipe out the Government.

Fate bring Elizabeth and Dexter together and the fate of millions of Americans and the free world itself is in their hands, in a violent race against time to prevent the greatest tragedy in American history…

Reviews:Twisted Maze on Readers' Favorite wrote:

Reviewed by Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite

So much of good storytelling is finding a new twist on common themes. In The Twisted Maze by Chris Black, a covert organization far more powerful than the Illuminati is pulling the strings that determine the fate of the world. The Founders have dedicated sixty years to the infiltration of the American government, law enforcement, military, and judiciary systems; quietly biding their time in silence for the day they will seize and take full control—and that time has come. As power struggles and the COVID-19 pandemic are upsetting the balance, the Founders make their move by trying to take possession of a cloaking device that they will use to detonate a nuclear device at the heart of the United States. Its inventor, John Crane, fears for his life. But his sister-in-law, a colonel at the British SAS, has a plan and will team up with an FBI special agent to stop what is undoubtedly an extremist group that has the means to succeed.

The story of secret societies has been told countless times in books and films. But The Twisted Maze takes it a notch higher when Chris Black decides that they take the forefront and not just work behind the shadows. Many of us have been fascinated by how secret societies operate and how much influence they wield in political power play. This is what Black has done to his conspiracy thriller, an excellent page-turner that doesn’t skimp on the necessary details and really grabs you by the neck. It’s a well-researched story, one that makes references to military tech and even classical literature. In the dynamics of gender roles, Black has opted to put a female protagonist in this action-packed thriller, and so far, it does not disappoint. I recommend this book to anyone who has a taste for well-structured thrillers.

About the Author

Hi everyone. I'm not too great at talking about myself, but I'll do my best...

First and foremost, I absolutely love writing, and after all, that's what it's really about, the children of our minds. To me, writing is a passion that eclipses all my other many weird and varied interests in that multiverse I call my mind. I write for a minimum of 8 hours a day, but usually it's more like 16, once you start, you just can't stop until you hit the wall. Admittedly, most of my work is factually based historical, but I do love writing dystopian and science fiction, it's like a vacation, delving into the possibilities conjured from the imagination, where universes and possibilities are endless. Tales of survival and struggle in  dystopian adversity, or far flung alien systems. That's what I like writing with science fiction. Thrillers with an edge and hating predictability as I do, I always try to add a curve-ball or two along the way. My LGBT characters are as incidental as my heterosexual characters, rather than the core of my stories, and I like my work to be open and enjoyable to all sexualities and fans of the genres in which I write and I hope more than anything, that any of you who read my work, enjoy it.


ABOUT ME: I was born, raised and educated in South London, UK, I'm a novelist and historian from the LGBT community. I've travelled a fair bit, especially in Europe on research missions and to the US where I have friends in Queens NY and San Antonio TX. I lived in Paris, France for a few years in my unconventional youth. I've always had an interest in astro-physics, quantum-physics and the probability of ETI.