Xanthan Gumm

by Robin Reed

Xanthan Gumm - Robin Reed
Editions:Paperback: $ 7.99
ISBN: 159113899X
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 235
Kindle - First Edition

Everyone in Galactic Central watches The Movies. These wondrous stories come from a planet called Earth, where strange beings called humans do nothing but create them.

One brave framadort converter risks all to go to Earth and become a Movie Star. He will face hunger and homelessness. He will confuse a fast food restaurant with a religion. He will be hunted by an Army General who thinks he is a communist.

Nothing will stop Xanthan Gumm from achieving his ultimate goal; meeting the King of Earth - Steven Spielberg!

Cover Artists:
Tropes: Aliens Among Us
Setting: Chicago, Illinois, Earth
Languages Available: English

On the fringes of the galaxy, nearly 8,000 parsecs from Galactic Center, a single-engine, single-occupant spacecraft could be seen approaching a small blue and white planet. The spacecraft was a Glexo Nebula sports sedan with an overhead fusion injection engine, power braking, power steering, a quadraphonic Compact Crystal (CC) music system, 53,000 light years on the meter and a pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview monitor. The planet was a small, oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, not terribly impressive bit of space debris that had cooled, congealed, and spawned a dominant intelligent life form that liked to dance, dance, dance the night away.


The driver of the little spaceship was breaking every galactic law on the books concerning this particular small blue planet. It was absolutely forbidden to visit this planet or even its solar system. The only way to get at all close to it was to take a cruise ship that skimmed the planet’s solar system, giving the cruise takers a vicarious thrill, allowing them to go home and tell their grandchildren that they had been within less than a light year of the forbidden planet called Earth.


About the Author

Robin Reed writes science fiction and humor as herself, and horror and thrillers as Robin Morris. She dwells in the desert near Los Angeles, where she hides in a cave that is sometimes called a condo. Her two familiars demand petting and food daily.

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