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Book Covers By Emma Griffin

Word Count: 20000

Summary: Their love has defeated death. Can it defeat malice and madness? Serrai and Madan sacrificed their lives for each other, but the quiet afterlife they’d imagined doesn’t exist. The Shadow Realm is at war and when the conflict threatens the human world, the Fates demand their help. Hunting down four renegade Shades and surviving on different sides of the veil between worlds needs courage, stubbornness and strength of will. Can Madan triumph over hunger, madness, and his own compassion to make it back to Serrai? Can Serrai vanquish jealousy and doubt to hold the gate long enough for Madan to return? Or will they end forever parted?

Shadow Realm - Jackie Keswick - Dornost Saga
Shadow Realm: A Dornost Saga Tale (Shades #2)

Jackie Keswick ...

October 31, 2018

Word Count: 9000

Summary: Can love and a promise triumph over death? I’ll die for you, or with you. When Madan swore a sword oath to Serrai he was eight years old. He kept his promise while they grew to manhood and took their respective positions as king and general, even when it seemed that he was the only one fated to love, deeply and devotedly. Serrai never declared his feelings, but his love for Madan was just as fierce. And quietly, in his heart, he swore his own sword oath: to die with Madan. Until a battlefield death leaves both oaths broken, and two men fighting for a future that doesn’t see them forever parted. An m/m fantasy short story proving that love can win an argument with fate.

Sword Oath - Jackie Keswick - Dornost Saga
Sword Oath: A Dornost Saga Tale (Shades #1)

Jackie Keswick ...

August 14, 2018