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Book Covers By Kiff Shaik

Word Count: 88046

Summary: Dr. Nicholson may be the Man in White who inspires fear in his underlings, but when the lab coat comes off, he’s just a man. Meeting Dr. Aaron Spencer at a medical convention sparks an interest he thought was long gone. His heart wants to thaw, but to be the Man in White, he needs to stay, calm, cool, and collected. Memories stir of a time when science ruled the day, but his heart was still capable of being destroyed. Aaron is bringing him back to life, but he’s still consumed by the need to possess the source. Aaron has secrets of his own. Claudia Belle is caught between her connections. She has no control around Quentin, but she’s chosen to give her heart to John Slater. Quentin isn’t going to let John stand in his way, but when danger strikes Claudia, an uncomfortable alliance will have to form to keep her safe. John Slater is ready to give up everything he’s ever wanted for Claudia. A surprise visit from Dr. Nicholson leaves him feeling betrayed by Joseph, who is feeling guilty himself. With the Man in White sniffing around, John and Joseph must work together to keep Claudia safe from The Company. Joseph knows his time with John is coming to an end. One way or another, their relationship will be irrevocable severed after graduation. Either John will be forced to return to The Company’s training facility and undergo confinement, or Joseph will have to let John go in a more permanent way. John doesn’t want to forget Milton or Claudia, so there’s only one real choice. Can John and Joseph pull off the escape plan under the watchful eye of the director?  

The Director - C.S. Luis - The Mindbender Series
The Director

C. S Luis ...

July 6, 2019

Word Count: 70255

Summary: Dr. Bryce Nicholson has found the source he’s been searching for, and the capture is sweeter than he ever anticipated. His hunter has fallen in love with the girl, and claimed her for his own. The next phase of his experiment is ready to begin, but forces outside his control are working against him. The alien is roaming the halls of Milton High and he’s ready to take Claudia home with him. He’s ready to take her from her life and make her remember who she truly is, but her connections to this world are too strong. There’s only one with the power to make her leave. Only the shadow man can return to her what she’s lost, and for that she’s willing to give up everything. Everything is on the line as Claudia’s enemies come at her from all directions. Will her friends be able to keep her safe or will she wind up taken by one of the men who are out to get her?

The Foreigner - C.S. Luis - The Mindbender Series
The Foreigner

C. S Luis ...

September 23, 2019