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Book Covers By Vicki Adrian

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Summary: Former Marine Special Operative, Liam Mason, doesn’t know what to do with himself outside of the military. Being discharged from service and losing his mother has set him on a path he never expected. Taking a job training soldiers for one of the top cartel bosses in Mexico seemed like a good idea until he fell for the boss’s son, Javier. Distracted by trying to maintain the secrecy of their relationship, a tragedy steals Javier’s life and forces Liam to run to the safety of his mother’s cabin and the arms of an unexpected man. Christian Madison is everything Liam never knew he wanted. There’s only one problem, he thinks he’s his twin brother. Can Liam find it in himself to tell the truth? Or was this perfect match doomed from the beginning?

Liam - C.S. Luis - The Body Guard and the Heir

C. S Luis ...

November 4, 2018