C.A. Rowland

C.A. Rowland has always loved traveling and exploring new places, from neighborhood empty houses to foreign lands that draw her. She comes by her interest in ghosts, myths and legends and the paranormal naturally, having spent hours in cemeteries with her grandmother. Ms. Rowland writes historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and the Haunted City mystery novel series set in Savannah, Georgia.  Her short fiction can also be seen in several upcoming volumes of Fiction River, Pulphouse Magazine and other short story anthologies.

Ms. Rowland is also a member of Sisters-in-Crime and the Guppies. She’s been a member at large with the group, a contributor to First Draft and continues to support the organization.  On the local and state level, she is a member of Riverside Writers. Lake Authors and the Virginia Writer’s Club. Her short stories, The History of a Fruitcake, won the Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable 2015 Short Story Award,and Staring at the Stars won the 2020 A Midsummer  Tale contest.

Ms. Rowland lives in Virginia with her boyfriend, and her rescue cat, Kayla, who has also served as inspiration for a number of short stories.  You can keep up with Ms. Rowland’s upcoming fiction and travel adventures at www.carowland.com.

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