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Chaitanya Murali

Chaitanya Murali is a fantasy author who lives in Bangalore, India. When he isn’t writing, he’s either playing games or watching sports. His work has appeared in Podcastle Magazine, Mithila Review, Mythaxis Magazine, The Common Tongue Magazine, and is forthcoming in Kaleidotrope. He can be found on Twitter or Instagram @chaitanyamurali

Books By Chaitanya Murali

Word Count: 22700

Summary: When yet another wave of colonizing Felters arrives to strengthen their fortress on the forest’s edge, Velu, an indigenous hunter, knows they bring only pain and death. But with them arrives an intriguing older woman who hunts legends. When Velu learns the woman, Lady Greyback, shares his terrifying visions of the ancient scorpion god, Ajakava, she invites him to research what they mean. But the Felters grow hostile, blaming Velu and the other hunters for deaths in a doomed expedition through the forest. Meanwhile, the visions become ever more persistent, hinting the god is awakening. When a second Felter expedition seeks to extend their reach to the capital beyond the forest, only Velu and Lady Greyback know they will walk straight into Ajakava's clutches. While the lady sees new destruction, Velu sees memories of a long-forgotten massacre. What vengeance does the old god have in store, and for whom? Find out what happens in Ajakava by Chaitanya Murali

Ajakava - Chaitanya Murali