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Wow, that’s a deep philosophical question and a tough one. I’m not really sure yet. Yes, I’m almost fifty. Inside though, yeah, I’m probably thirty-five forever. In fact I believe that is the perfect age to be bitten by a vampire. Just old enough to have it somewhat together and young enough to still enjoy it. At fifty you start thinking about naps and staying home Friday nights.


I’ve been writing forever. Even as a child my father used to lock me outside to play but I’d go to the school yard with a notebook (okay, probably paper in a Trapper Keeper) and write ‘Space Stories’ with titles like The Red Planet of Doom. I bet you couldn’t guess that my favorite show was Star Trek. I didn’t know what shipping was back then but I totally shipped the doctor and the Captain. I was a kid and I dreamt of them kissing each other.

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