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Ef Deal

Ef Deal’s short fiction has been published in numerous online zines and anthologies as well as in F&SF. Her short story Czesko was given honorable mention in Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy. Ef has been freelance line-editing and copy-editing for over thirty years. She is currently assistant fiction editor at Abyss&Apex magazine, and video editor for Strong Women ~ Strange Worlds. Her first novel Esprit de Corpse is forthcoming from eSpec Books, the first in a steampunk paranormal romance series involving the Twins of Bellefées. Most recently, her poem Elsinboro: The Delaware, 1965 was published in the NJ Bards Review 2022. When she's not writing, Ef marches old-school alumni drum and bugle corps on soprano bugle; she also composes, arranges and directs music. She lives in Haddonfield, NJ, with her husband and two chows. She is an associate member of SFWA and an affiliate member of HWA.  Follow her blog Talespinner at

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Word Count: 70000

Summary: What secrets lie beneath the streets of Paris? When a malfunctioning automaton runs full force into their locomotive on the new Paris-Orléans railway, Jacqueline Duval and her bohemian twin sister Angélique Laforge become embroiled in a mystery deeply rooted in their tragic past. A polytech and famed engineering prodigy, Jacqueline is fascinated by the metal man, even more so when she discovers that it is powered not by steam, but by the supernatural. Her investigation puts the sisters on a path both dangerous and mysterious as they must foil a plot to employ the dead to power a mechanical army aimed at international conquest. Aid comes from unexpected sources as the twins rush to avert this engineered war, but will they be in time?

Esprit de Corpse - Ef Deal
Esprit de Corpse