Kazy Reed

Kazy Reed grew up on a small island off the Maine coast. At the age of sixteen, she announced to her parents that she was going to move to Denmark for six months as an exchange student. That trip changed her life, and sparked her love of travel, languages, and art history. After graduating from college with a degree in Art History, she moved back to the island where she began to write short stories. Ten years later, when she was introduced to gay erotic fiction, the seed was planted and she never looked back. Kazy now lives near the coast of Maine, with her very understanding husband and two ridiculously precocious children.

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Email Address: vampwriterblog@gmail.com

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Remember Him - Kazy Reed - Amsel Clan
Remember Him

Kazy Reed ...

August 8, 2015

Not Human Enough - Kazy Reed - Amsel Clan
Not Human Enough

Kazy Reed ...

April 1, 2016