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Sandy Esene

Bio: Sandy Esene is a self-professed ancient cultures geek. Traveling to ancient ruin sites around the world is one of her great passions. Over the years, she has traveled to over twenty countries including Greece, Malta, Jordan, Turkey, Belize, Peru, Thailand, Japan, and of course Egypt. When not traveling or writing, Sandy enjoys making jewelry, going to museums, and taking long walks in Seattle parks with her husband and their two miniature schnauzers Ozy and Mandias.

Author Statement: I love the feeling when I am writing, and I get lost in the imagined places that I am creating.  I have always been an avid reader, but those moments when I connect deeply with my story just take my breath away.

I am fascinated with the ancient world. This interest has deeply influenced my life. I have spent most of my adult life reading, taking classes, attending lectures, and traveling to distant ruin sites of the ancient world.

My fantasy/adventure novels from the KHNM series are Indiana Jones style adventures with ancient Egyptian myth and magic woven throughout.  I endeavor to represent the ancient Egyptian history, pantheon of gods and their myths as accurately as I can. I get quite a charge when I am able to find interesting intersections with the fiction I am writing and ancient history.

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Books By Sandy Esene

Word Count: 84610

Summary: Praise for Daughter of Maat: “Sandy Esene has written a real page-turner. It's Dan Brown goes to Egypt with a delightful dash of Harry Potter thrown in. A wonderful read and she's got the Egyptology right!"—Bob Brier, Author of The Murder of Tutankhamen “If you like Egyptian Mythology and the excitement of Indiana Jones adventures, this book is for you!”— Pat Remler, Author of Egyptian Mythology A to Z Alex Philothea’s quiet life as a research archeologist changes forever when she is tracked down by a secret society, the Keepers of the Holy and Noble Maat. Alex’s father died years ago during an excavation in the remote Egyptian desert. The circumstances of his death have always been shrouded in mystery. Now the leader of this obscure organization promises to unlock the answers she has been searching for; the only thing she must do is save humankind. Follow Alex into a world of myth and magic where the lines of reality blur at every turn.

Daughter of Maat - Sandy Esene
Daughter of Maat

Word Count: 125889

Summary: Alex Philothea, the newly appointed director of the Keepers of the Holy and Noble Maat, is fighting to save the agency her ancestors have led for over two millennia. Operating in deep cover, KHNM shields the mortal realm against the lethal chaos of the Immortals. As Alex battles the Gods over the agency’s existence, she is in a race against time to contain dangerous magical artifacts. If the Gods succeed in shuttering the agency and these ancient objects fall into unworthy hands, humanity will pay a deadly price. Deep in the Netherworld, adventurer Jorge Trinculo unearths a primordial book of magic. It exposes one of KHNM’s darkest secrets. For years, the agency has been erasing the memories of his encounters with the Immortals. As his old life floods back, he realizes all that he has lost. In Jorge’s pursuit of revenge, his future becomes entwined with that of a power-hungry magician. A magician who has waited patiently, for centuries, to possess the forbidden book and wield its lethal magic against the mortal realm.

Gift of the Sphinx - Sandy Esene
Gift of the Sphinx

Word Count: 98398

Summary: Alex Philothea thought life would be less complicated now that she was no longer the interim director of KHNM. She was wrong. The Keepers of the Holy and Noble Maat (KHNM) shield the mortal realm from the lethal chaos of the ancient Egyptian Gods. Under a crushing eviction deadline of midnight, the agency is being driven from its headquarters by ongoing litigation with the Gods. The agents of KHNM race against the clock to pack unstable supernatural artifacts they have guarded for centuries. With nowhere to go and only a menu of bad options to choose from, the agency shelves Alex’s plan to return a primordial book of magic to her ancestors in the lost oasis. If this due date isn’t met, the ancient water lore within will be lost forever—a deadly late fee humanity can’t afford to pay. As chaos swirls around her, an artifact stolen by a formidable immortal adversary sets Alex on a perilous quest. All the while whispers from the Gods calling for Alex’s death grow louder.

The Mummy Cache - Sandy Esene
The Mummy Cache