William W. Tate

William Tate is an alter ego and the M/M pen name of Author Jennivie Wirries
Why a male name when I am inherently female? The short answer is that William Tate is as much a part of me as my own female self. The deeper answers are yet to come.

I have lived in the same town on the outskirts of Detroit almost my entire life, having been born there, and currently residing only miles from where I grew up. A stay at home mom of a ten year old son, in my spare time I write, read, draw, watch movies and Anime, knit, crochet, role play online, or engage in other activities that unleash my creativity. Writing is something that I have always been passionate about and I've used it to cope with problems I've faced over the course of my life. My summers as a youth were spent perusing library shelves and reading some of the works that influence my writing today. As a writer and reader, I indulge in mostly gay romances in several different sub-genres, and paranormal romances, but I am open to anything. In recent years, my biggest achievements have been finishing the Nanowrimo.org challenge to write a novel in a month (three years in a row), committing to writing something every single day, and getting published in a few anthologies. I have several novels and novellas in the wings just waiting to be shown some love and a few short works on Amazon.

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