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using this site

At Liminal Fiction, we have a number of ways to find the books you want. We’re all about discoverability. 🙂

To see pre-selected groups of books by genre or author, use the “by genre“, or “by author” links above. The spec fic genres (Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Sci Fi) are broken down into subgenre pages too, but all the books in each subgenre should show up on the main genre page as well.

To search for a combination of things, use the books search (top right) – ie: elves fantasy; space pirate etc. You can search using any combination of the selections in the “genre” “pairing” and “author” lists. The top of the page search looks for books only (not authors or blog posts).

We’ve also added filters, so you can use these (at the top of any books or results page) to narrow your search further. And you can sort any page in a number of ways. There’s even a filter search page too if you really want to narrow in on something.

To search by author, click on the by author page – you can use the alphabetic links at top to find the author by last name, or scroll down the page, or use the search (this one searches authors only).

Please stick with us as the site grows and evolves.