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REVIEW: Let There Be Night – Amir Lane

Let There Be Night - Amir Lane

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Reviewer: Melissa, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Monsters are real. The sooner Bertholdt accepts it, the better his chances of staying alive.

Four months ago, reluctant priest Bertholdt Kaufmann was charged with protecting the true identity Alois, a teenage werewolf rescued from vampires. Bertholdt believed they were safe. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

During tuberculosis outbreak that casts a cloud of suspicion over everyone, he sends away his young charge to protect her as witchfinders are called to their town. The witchfinders seek to prove the illness is linked to witchcraft, evidence of which could prove deadly for anyone accused.

At the risk of his own life, Bertholdt stays behind to ensure the innocent aren’t targeted. When suspicion falls on him, Bertholdt is placed under arrest. The witchfinders are convinced he holds dark magic, and they’re willing to torture him to prove it. The townspeople are against him. Evidence is piling up. With his execution drawing near, can Bertholdt convince them of his innocence? Or will his chances of survival go up in flames?

From USA Today Bestselling Author Amir Lane comes a gripping historical fantasy suspense.

The Review

Encompassing religion, morality, and love, this story is not afraid of digging into the hard topics. 

The main character of Bertholdt Kaufmann is really well written.  His struggles as he faces his fears and his faith are the best parts of the story.  This is definitely a dark tale, with vampires and werewolves.  But the darkest characters are the humans involved.  It brought to mind the witch trials in the United States.  It was simply devastating the power that simply implicating someone was a witch could have in a community.

There were some issues with plot continuity to the point that I had to check and see if this was part of series. There are times where I felt like pieces were missing, that maybe a previous book had been written that would explain more of the plot.  Especially with the way the book ended, which seemed rather abrupt, with the last chapter being more of a teaser for a future book perhaps? 

This left me feeling cut off rather than feeling that the book reached an actual conclusion.

Let There Be Night is a very engrossing and dark tale, but it would have had a much higher rating from me had the ending not felt so disjointed. 

The Reviewer

In writing this bio I am taking a rare break from reading! I always have a book on hand just in case there is time to sneak in a chapter or two. As a military spouse and a mom of two boys, it is amazing how often I am hurrying up to wait. Luckily for me I don’t have a favorite genre so I get lots of fun authors to choose from. My education was in sociology and mental health counseling, so stories with strong character development are my favorites. Happily Ever After is the best part of romance for me because real life is hard enough. 

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