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WRITER FUEL: Black Box to record Earth’s Demise for Whatever Comes Next

Black Box

Welcome to the latest installment of “Writer Fuel – cool real-world stories that might inspire your little writer heart. Check out our Writer Fuel page on the LimFic blog for more inspiration. Today: 

Every commercial flight you have ever taken has been recorded. Every tug on the yoke and every adjustment of the throttle has been dutifully logged by a little recording device tucked away in the tail of the aircraft. It’s the infamous “black box” that search and rescue crews scan the crash site for any time an aviation incident occurs. Its observations are a clear account of how the whole thing went down. 

Next year, our planet will get one of these disaster recorders as well. 

Called Earth’s Black Box, the project is meant to painstakingly record every step on the way to our planet’s demise.

“Unless we dramatically transform our way of life, climate change and other man-made perils will cause our civilization to crash,” Earth’s Black Box website reads.

Full Story From Live Science

1 thought on “WRITER FUEL: Black Box to record Earth’s Demise for Whatever Comes Next”

  1. Why does this sound like something out of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?”
    Alien Scientist: “All right, let’s push this replay and hear the last moments of this lost civilization.”
    Alien Scientist: “Well, that was a lot of help.”


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