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WRITER FUEL: All About Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare - Deposit Photos

The world is in the grip of a new age of conflict, cyberwarfare.

Countries are using hackers to target power grids, financial markets and government computer systems of rival nations, all with potential results that are every bit as devastating as any bullet or bomb.

The idea of using tech to pilfer information goes back a long way, as far back as 1834, in fact, with two French brothers — the Blanc brothers — who used to earn a living trading in government bonds, according to communication specialists DeepBlue. They found a way to get ahead of the competition by bribing a telegraph operator to include deliberate mistakes in messages being transmitted from Paris. This let them get a heads up on financial deals before anyone else did. But as technology got more sophisticated, so did the crimes the crooks were capable of pulling off. However, it wasn’t until almost 150 years later that the first person would be charged with a cyber crime.

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