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WRITER FUEL: How Close Are We to Nuclear Fusion?

Nuclear Fusion - Deposit Photos

The green energy revolution promised by nuclear fusion is now a step closer, thanks to the first successful use of a cutting-edge artificial intelligence system to shape the superheated hydrogen plasmas inside a fusion reactor.

The successful trial indicates that the use of AI could be a breakthrough in the long-running search for electricity generated from nuclear fusion — bringing its introduction to replace fossil fuels and nuclear fission on modern power grids tantalizingly closer.

“I think AI will play a very big role in the future control of tokamaks and in fusion science in general,” Federico Felici, a physicist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and one of the leaders on the project, told Live Science. “There’s a huge potential to unleash AI to get better control and to figure out how to operate such devices in a more effective way.”

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