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Writer Fuel: Are eFuels the Wave of the Future?

e-fuel test - Audi
e-fuel test – Audi

Hydrogen and natural gas are among the alternative fuels starting to get more attention as car companies work to reduce emissions. But Audi is exploring another option that you may not have heard much about yet: e-fuels.

The German automaker, which aims to develop synthetically engineered e-fuels as a viable alternative to gasoline and diesel, got a step closer to that goal recently. It completed a series of tests that prove its e-fuels burn more efficiently in internal combustion engines than traditional fossil fuels and produce fewer emissions.

The next step is to refine the production process to create large quantities of synthetic “e-ethanol” and “e-diesel” for use in cars.

Audi says e-fuel is superior because of its purity. Unlike fossil fuels, which vary in composition depending on their place of origin, synthetic fuels contain no olefins or aromatic hydrocarbons. This optimizes combustion and results in fewer emissions.

Thanks to Jim Comer for flagging this. 🙂

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