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Writer Fuel: How Does Music Affect Your Brain?

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Many people listen to music while working, exercising at the gym, or simply relaxing. But how does music affect your brain?

Along with triggering a release of the feel-good hormone dopamine, science has shown that listening to music may boost our cognitive function, potentially relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, and help us to stay focused. It’s no wonder that many of us choose to listen to music before, during and after workouts. To get the most out of that listening experience, check out our list of the best running headphones.

“When you hear a song, your auditory cortex — the part of your brain responsible for processing sound — is activated,” Desiree Silverstone (opens in new tab), a psychotherapist based in London, England, told Live Science. “This activates other areas of your brain, including the limbic system — responsible for emotion — and the motor cortex, which controls movement.”

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