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Review: The Vampire’s War – Damian Serbu

Vampire's War - Damian Serbu

Genre: Paranormal, Vampires

Reviewer: Maryann

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About The Book

War brews among vampires. Facing extinction at the hands of an ancient one, the Vampire Council plods along with a secret strategy. Jaret Bachmann, both vampire and witch, fears the Council elders move too slowly. He has the power to assist them in defeating their enemy, but the longer they keep him at arm’s length the more defiant he becomes.

He’s already pushing the boundaries to assert his will when tragedy strikes, devastating him and compelling him to become even more rebellious. A young vampire alone in the world, Jaret struggles to find his true self and discover how he wants to spend the remainder of his eternal life, even as the vampire war intensifies and the rogue vampire strikes again.

To compound his problems, he’s faced with the allure of a hot renegade vampire, not sure if he is friend or foe. Who will win the war, and where will Jaret’s soul-searching lead him? Find out in The Vampire’s War.

The Review

Charon’s maker, Styx, created him with a spell that conceals him from all vampires, even the Vampire Counsel. Styx was a rogue vampire who caused the first vampire war, and supposedly committed suicide. Jaret met Charon four years ago. Both are vampire witches, which gives them unique power. Jaret needs Charon’s ability, because he believes another Vampire War is coming. 

Anthony, Thomas, Xavier, Catherine and Harriet of the Vampire Counsel and its elders aren’t listening to Jaret. He trusted them, but now they exclude from meetings and hold back important information, and his anger is building. Worst of all, he feels they are not moving fast enough, and that the Vampire War is just about at their doorstep.

Anthony, Jaret’s husband, has become obsessed with Jaret and Charon’s relationship. He accuses Jaret of having an affair with Charon but Jaret has sworn he would never cheat. Jaret does admit to having lustful feelings for Charon and they flirt with each other, but it has never gone any further.

Jaret and Anthony met in April 2010 and separated in March 2011, because of Anthony’s belief in the old Council rules. During that time, without Anthony at his side, tragedy upon tragedy hit Jaret. The escape of his ancestor Henrik’s spirit brought about the death of his ex Steve, and the heartbreaking deaths of his entire family. During that time Jaret only had Darth, Brady, Xavier, and Thomas to rely on. Jaret professed to Xavier that he wasn’t good at letting himself be vulnerable and that “no one is ever going to mean anything to me again, because then I won’t hurt so much when something happens”. Through all the devastation, Anthony was around, but didn’t return to Jaret until 2013.

Even with Anthony’s return, things don’t go well. Anthony has decided to face Styx in order to end the Vampire War that has now started. Jaret is beside himself, the Council still won’t listen to him, and worst of all they lied about Anthony. In his rebellion against the Council, Jaret is killing more, even though the victims are criminals. He leaves the bodies to be found easily, and does anything he can to flout the Vampire Council rules.

Jaret’s best friend Brady has now been taken and guarded by the Council, but Darth will always remain by Jaret’s side, no matter what. He also has the spirit connection with his sister Jenn.  The one he needs most of all is the rogue and tempting Charon, who is willing to help him fight Styx. Will their combined power be enough to destroy the evil Styx and stop the devastation to come?

Serbu takes The Vampire’s War to the dark side, especially with Jaret, who goes through so many struggles. He knows he needs to grow and tries to find himself. Jaret’s self-confidence is worn down with the loss of his lover, and he feels unworthy. But he also shows a certain maturity and self control, and remains loyal to Anthony and Charon. Throughout this series, the characters change and grow.

I recommend The Vampire’s War – it will keep you turning pages with its fast paced and amazing action, spells, magic and power. This is the fifth book of “The Realm of the Vampire Council” series, and the best one.  I don’t know if the author has another story in the works, but I’m hoping!

The Reviewer

Hi, I’m Maryann, I started life in New York, moved to New Hampshire and in 1965 uprooted again to Sacramento, California. Once I retired I moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2011 and just moved back to Sacramento in March of 2018. My son, his wife and step-daughter flew out to Florida and we road tripped back so they got to see sights they have never seen. New Orleans and the Grand Canyon were the highlights. Now I am back on the west coast again to stay! From a young age Ialways liked to read.

I remember going to the library and reading the “Doctor Dolittle” books by Hugh Lofting. Much later on became a big fan of the classics, Edgar Alan Poe, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and as time went by Agatha Christie, Ray Bradbury and Stephen Kingand many other authors.

My first M/M shifter book I read was written by Jan Irving the “Uncommon Cowboys” series from 2012. She was the first author I ever contacted and sent an email to letting her know how much I liked this series. Sometime along the way I read “Zero to the Bone”by Jane Seville, I think just about everyone has read this book!

As it stands right now I’m really into mysteries, grit, gore and “triggers” don’t bother me. But if a blurb piques my interest I will read the book.

My kindle collection eclectic and over three thousand books and my Audible collection is slowly growing. I have both the kindle and audible apps on my ipod, ipads, and MAC. So there is never an excuse not to be listening or reading.

I joined Goodreads around 2012 and started posting reviews. One day a wonderful lady, Lisa Horan of The Novel Approach, sent me an email to see if I wanted to join her review group. Joining her site was such an eye opener. I got introduce to so many new authors that write for the LGBTQ genre. Needless to say, it was heart breaking when it ended.

But I found a really great site, QRI and it’s right here in Sacramento. Last year at QSAC I actually got to meet Scott Coatsworth, Amy Lane and Jeff Adams.