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Writer Fuel: Could Tardigrade Proteins Help Humans Slow Down the Aging Process?

Tardigrade / Water Bear - Deposit Photos

Proteins found in tiny, indestructible tardigrades could potentially be a key ingredient in slowing the aging process in humans, scientists claim. However, it will take more work to show these proteins are a veritable fountain of youth — for now, the researchers have only early hints from lab-dish experiments..

Also known as water bears, tardigrades are near-microscopic, eight-legged creatures known for their practically superhero-like ability to withstand extreme conditions, including tolerating a severe lack of water, surviving in outer space and emerging unscathed from being fired from a gun. To survive such conditions, tardigrades transform into dehydrated balls and dial their metabolisms to near-zero.

Now, scientists have discovered that proteins found in these tiny critters can also slow metabolism in human cells in lab dishes, according to a study published March 19 in the journal Protein Science.

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