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Review: Moon Rite – Deonne Dane

Moon Rite - Deonne Dane

Genre: Fantasy

Reviewer: Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Two rites stand before him. Fail one and he will be powerless, fail the other and he will likely be dead.

Falric Mislan is torn. Born of a magical Voce and a mundane Dracan, he stands at a crossroads. One direction leads him to the magic he craves, the other to a warriors recognition and status. Stung by his first abortive attempt at awakening his power, Falric throws himself into Dracan life, and inadvertently unearths a perilous talisman.

Watching slip away the last chance of his mother aiding his ambition, Falric accepts that his father’s people, and his passing of their Moon Rite, are his only path. But in the aftermath of his find, Falric now faces a bitter enemy who is determined to see him fail.

Spending a month alone in the southern desert for his ‘Moon of Solitude’ is dangerous enough, but can he survive his own doubts, his unrequited desire for the magic that alludes him…and a man who dreams of deadly vengeance?

Moon Rite is the exhilarating first book in the LGBTQ+ Legend of the Ancients, Books of Locurnia Fantasy series. If you like deep friendship, dangerous trials, and lethal enemies, all with a touch of heated passion, then you’ll love Deonne Dane’s gripping adventure.

The Review

Falric Mislan is half Dracan from his father and half Voce from his mother. He never knew his father, and has always dreamed of being part of Vocekind, with magic like his mother. His attempts to perform rites, hoping his magic will appear, have proven to be failures, and his attempts to get his mother to help and tell him who he really is and where he belongs keep falling on deaf ears. 

Falric is considered a half-breed and a slave, but he hopes to prove himself a warrior when he undergoes the rite of the Moon of Solitude. Until then, he is subjected to constant bullying. When the Dracan stop on their pilgrimage to help the Bengay people find water, Falric will discover that what he went through before will become far worse. 

While digging in the well, Falric discovers a stone which he immediately feels is evil. When a young warrior, Raeden, sees the stone, he can’t get into the well and touch it fast enough. The stone will lead to Raeden’s death, and Falric will be blamed. Nairo, the Catana’s son, was close to Raeden, and took his death badly. He’s determined to bring harm or death to the person he blames – Falric. 

When it’s finally determined that Falric did nothing wrong, the blame is laid instead at the feet of the Bengay people, and the Catana requires payment – a slave, one of the leader’s sons and jewels. Falric will also have to compete to prove his own worth, after Nairo causes him severe injury. 

Falric’s best friend is Jaro. They find solace with each other both physically and emotionally. None of the boys with Falric have ever been with a girl, and so the only sexual release is with the others in the group. Keno is a young man who craves pain and wants Falric, but Jaro is jealous of Falric’s attention to him, and when he hears a conversation which could prove deadly to Falric, his jealousy leads him to keep the information to himself. 

Falric needs to find himself, and hopes the Moon of Solitude rite will finally prove he is a man and should be a warrior, giving him purpose. His mother is revered because of her healing magic, and he wants to be more than a half-breed slave, always looked down at by others.

“Moon Rite” is full of betrayals, secrets, surprises and a young man’s drive to prove himself. It’s clear that there is so much more to come, so I’m thrilled happy that I have the second book in my possession, so I can continue Falric’s journey to manhood.

4 stars.

The Reviewer

I am an avid reader the mother of 3 sons and grandmother to seven grandchildren. Since retiring I have been doing more reading while volunteering as a CASA worker. CASA is an organization that works with the family court system to ensure that children are in the best living situation. There are way too many children that get overlooked in the foster care system and I visit homes and make visits to the parents. I was born and raised in New York and my husband of 50 years and I live in Upstate New York.

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