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Child under the stairs

Damien the Devil

by R. D. Noland

Child Under the Stars - R.D. Noland - Damien the Devil
Part of the Damien the devil series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781087813806
Pages: 69

Damien is a 14 year old orphan that has grown up  in foster homes all his life. He finds out that he is a "Vampeal" , a child born from a vampire and human. If that wasn't bad enough Damien is a teenager that is dealing with his feelings for other boys. Damien is put into a home that the foster parents are very religious and he ends up on the street. Patrick is Damien's caseworker and if fresh out of college is assigned to look after him but finds out that Damien is no longer at the foster home. So Patrick sets out to look for him, which turns out to be a very dangerous road for both of them.

Reviews:Jessica Reads It on Reedsy Discovery wrote:

Child Under the Stairs introduces readers to Damien Lampir, a 14-year-old "Vampeal"- born from a vampire and human. As if being a Vampeal wasn't bad enough, he is also coming to terms with his growing attraction to boys while navigating a slew of mismatched foster homes.
Luckily, Damien has the Feral Society, a supernatural workforce created to maintain order between worlds, and a new Renfield to watch over him until he reaches maturity. Damien has such an interesting journey ahead with his new forever home and love interest and I am excited to see what's in store.
Despite this being a relatively short book, I believe the author laid an excellent foundation for the continuation of the series and I applaud the creative spin he has taken on this paranormal story. Writing from a child's perspective can be tricky but I am vested in seeing how Damien matures throughout the books. The Davidson twins, Patrick and Matthew are quite the dynamic duo with their shared supernatural gifts and add a much-needed adult dynamic to the writing.
My only qualm with this book was that I felt the writing was a bit stiff at times and did not allow the dialogues to flow freely. Other than that I think this story has great potential!

About the Author

R.D. Noland was born in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. During his last two years of high school, he attended M.C.J.S. studying art, photography, and printing. He took some classes at the Sinclair Community College to continue his education. He was raised by his mother, grandmother and aunt, all of whom shaped the way he viewed the world. Mr. Noland moved to Florida in1989 with his significant other and their two cats. They closed the chapter on that relationship after many years and sadly the cats went with his ex. Later he adopted two dogs that he fell in love with; they became his baby girls. He was accepted by some major art schools but could not afford to attend, so enrolled in a local college to study art. He has worked as a custom picture framer and a freelance artist in some several galleries and frame shops. Mr. Noland feels at his best when he is creating, so please join him on this new creative adventure and see where his imagination takes us.