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A Study in Violet

A Sixguns and Sorcery Novella

by Michael Merriam

A Study in Violet - Michael Merriam - Sixguns and Sorcery
Part of the Sixguns and Sorcery series:
  • A Study in Violet
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 7.00
ISBN: 13-9798535638867
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 95

The brutal murder of a nobleman with connections to British and Fae nobility sends ripples of shock through the country. Arkady Bloom, half-fae Agent of Her Majesty’s Secret Service Supernatural Division, is commanded by the Crown to assist the Metropolitan Police in their search for the killer. As the body count rises, the delicate peace between Humans and Fae threatens to break. As Bloom races to solve the mystery, he is pitted against not only a mysterious murderer, but a shadowy organization threatening the British Empire itself. And now Bloom might just be the next target…


On a fine August morning, Mr. Bloom and Miss Kathleen—who was visiting home after spending the last year working in the shop of a renowned builder of clock and steam machines in Paris—had barely settled down to the breakfast table when Bloom peered at me over the Daily Mail.

"Please have Mrs. McCullen put on more sausages and toast for our guests. You'll want to set two more places and then pour them morning tea. Extra sugar and cream for Mr. Cooke, and make sure the marmalade is near Inspector Highmore's hand."

Kathleen peered at him, setting aside her morning post. "So, we're expecting company, then?"

"We were not, but company is arriving."

And so, I was swept up in the first of many adventures I would share with Mr. Arkady Bloom.

About the Author

Michael Merriam is a writer, performer, poet, and playwright. He is the author of the steampunk series Sixguns & Sorcery, and his essays and stories have appeared in Uncanny MagazineCast of Wonders, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. He has published ten books and over 100 pieces of short fiction and poetry. His scripts have been produced for stage and radio, and he has appeared in the Minnesota Fringe Festival, Not-So-Silent Planet, StoryFest Minnesota, and over the air on KFAI and Minnesota Public Radio. Like most artists, he has worked a variety of odd jobs over the years, including short order cook, late night radio disc jockey, international freight specialist, and manager of a puppet troupe. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two exuberant cats. Visit his website at