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Atlas Shagged

by Fraser Sherman

Atlas Shagged - Fraser Sherman
Editions:Paperback: $ 5.99
ISBN: 978-1976184109
Pages: 118

What happens when porn star "Big Johnson" Galt decides to stop the engine of the world? Can a mystery novelist/magician find true love while solving The Wodehouse Murder Case? Will a plucky small-town Satanist be able to make it in the cutthroat world of Satanic lifestyle publishing? Can a savage Cimmerian barbarian win a proper 1800s English woman or will The Sword of Darcy fail them both? Atlas Shagged is a collection of humorous fantasy stories that I've published in various magazines, plus the all-new title story. The hard copy edition has several added stories.

Publisher: Not Currently Available
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Conspiracy, Fish Out of Water, Reluctant Hero

Setting: Essex, New York, Florida and others

Languages Available: English


“You know, Bryce, I think you're right.” My boss smiled sweetly as her conjured shark-demon shot across the conference table and bit down on Bryce Jordan's crotch. “I really am a castrating bitch, aren't I?

“Walker, my coffee?”

“Right here, Ms. DeMarco.” Knowing my coworkers would spot any sign of weakness, I tried to look blasé about Bryce sliding to the floor, clutching his groin. Cerise Walker, sophisticated New Yorker, that's me. “Absolutely no fair-trade beans, skim milk, one-and-a-half sugar cubes.”

About the Author

Born in England, Fraser spent most of his life in the Florida Panhandle. He'd probably be there still except he met his dream woman in 2008 (super-intelligent! Vegetarian! Funny!) and moved up to Durham, NC, to be with her. They have two adorable dogs and an adopted stray cat they're trying to convince to live indoors full-time.

Fraser has had two dozen short stories published in various magazines and self-published two short-story collections, Atoms for Peace and Atlas Shagged. He worked as a city-government reporter for 10 years, has published nonfiction in Dragon, Newsweek and other magazines, and has written five film reference books, including Now and Then We Time Travel and Sex For Dinner, Death for Breakfast.