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Blade Light

by Michaele Jordan

A charming traditional quest fantasy, full handsome villains, dangerous sorcerers, and a pretty, perky apprentice. Not to mention lots of very cool magic!


He walked out into the White Palace where he found a great bustle of servants and clerks, but no one whom he was actually required to acknowledge. Thither he made his way through ancient corridors to the Old Palace with its great stairway. The upper levels were spare and splendid, leading at last to the North Tower. There Vhulf paused. He had come to report, and he had no report, and he that dwelt in the North Tower had little use for failure.

Before Vhulf summoned the resolve to knock, the door swung upon. To his enormous astonishment he was greeted by the sight of a nude woman seated cross-legged on the floor and presenting him with a countenance more astounded even than his own. Her staring eyes seemed almost to be popping out of their sockets while her jaw gaped loosely open. With an air of great agitation, she wrung her hands which were clasped so tightly together that the act came near to tearing her skin.


"Ah, Vhulf, do come in. What a pleasure to see you." The voice did not come from the woman, and Vhulf glanced sharply around a bleak and only barely furnished chamber, searching for the speaker.

Seated on a narrow bench, perusing a yellowed manuscript laid out on a roughhewn table, was the sorcerer Asmodé. He, at any rate, was not naked. Quite the contrary, he was magnificently clad in an opulent gown of red silk brocade.

The wizard gestured to an unoccupied bench with the same casual graciousness he might have employed had he been discovered alone. "How very good of you to come so early, Vhulf. I had not expected you this soon. I know you were tied up in meetings all yesterday. And surely the court was dreadfully fatiguing?"

Vhulf looked back to the naked woman on the floor and reflected that, all courtesies aside, he probably had arrived prior to Asmodé's expectation.


About the Author

Michaele Jordan was born in California and raised in Cincinnati. She took a bachelor of arts degree from Bard College and an associate's degree in programming from Southern Ohio College. She worked for years as an administrator before at last pursuing her early dream of becoming a writer. Mirror Maze is her first novel to appear in print, although her earlier work, Blade Light, was serialized in Jim Baen's Universe. You can visit her website at