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Control Theory

a Science Fiction Love Story

by Timothy Bult

Control Theory - Timothy Bult
Pages: 317

Their connection was immediate. Was it destined or pre-programmed?

Kenner Ford is trying not to panic. After his beautiful girlfriend suddenly disappeared from Beijing, he hops on a ballistic rocket to New York to begin a global search. And after a whirlwind romance filled with passionate sex and unsurpassed creativity, he’s distraught to think she’s gone forever.

When warnings about Chinese intrusions get a cyberwarfare guru killed, Kenner and his missing lover become embroiled in a worldwide conflict. And after he learns they’ve both been surveilled for years by ambitious AIs, the troubled man flees from a deadly assassin while terrified for his woman’s life…

Can he reunite with his dream girl before they’re permanently deleted?

Control Theory is a thrilling science fiction romance. If you like compelling visions of the future, the evolution of advanced technology, and a sexy love story, then you’ll adore Timothy Bult’s futuristic roller coaster.

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About the Author

Timothy Bult was born in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, to Dutch immigrants Roelof & Ineke. He grew up skiing, camping, reading thousands of novels, and in love with all the humanities and most of the sciences. After high school he moved to Vancouver for college. He spent a year in France to obtain a Master’s in Computer Science, then returned for a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence research at the University of British Columbia. He did industrial AI work at Bell-Northern Research in Ottawa for three years before returning to BC yet again to work at MacDonald Dettwiler Associates (MDA), in systems engineering around the world. After 27 years in Vancouver, visiting China, Israel, most of the United States, and pockets of the Middle East & Europe, he moved to Milwaukee.
Timothy works at large companies managing global business transformations. While much of his writing is either classified or proprietary, he has published a few articles and books in varying genres. Writing has been a lifelong hobby.