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Mirror Maze, 2nd edition

by Michaele Jordan

Demons and sorcerers stalk the streets of Victorian London, searching for a magical treasure lost in the Opium Wars.


The passing carriage took the corner a little too fast, flinging a great sheet of cold, dirty water into Jacob Aldridge's face. The shock woke him briefly from the vacant state of mind in which he walked. He glanced around, too melancholy even to protest the soaking but at least with his eyes fully open for the first time in the course of the day. A street vendor rolled her barrow nearby, hoarsely hawking her chrysanthemums. He almost lifted a hand to hail her. Rhoda loved chrysanthemums; he must get some for her. Then memory crashed down around him. He would never again bring Rhoda chrysanthemums.

About the Author

Michaele Jordan was born in California and raised in Cincinnati. She took a bachelor of arts degree from Bard College and an associate's degree in programming from Southern Ohio College. She worked for years as an administrator before at last pursuing her early dream of becoming a writer. Mirror Maze is her first novel to appear in print, although her earlier work, Blade Light, was serialized in Jim Baen's Universe. You can visit her website at