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Murder Under Another Sun

A Leif the Lucky Novel

by Colin Alexander

Murder Under Another Sun - Colin Alexander - Leif the Lucky
Editions:ePub: $ 3.99Paperback: $ 14.95
ISBN: 978-1736198445
Pages: 308

Nothing is new under another sun. Not even murder.

This mission should be simple. Exoplanetary scout Leif Grettison and ace pilot Yang Yong are off to deliver a load of supplies and reinforcing settlers to a recently colonized planet. It’s as routine as a starflight can be.

Famous last words.

Something is wrong with the colonists. They are astonishingly ill-suited for the task of settling a new world. The planet, too, is a poor place to plant a town for humans. Even if everything goes right, the colony might not survive.

Then one of the colonists is found dead. Murder is a possibility.

Not long after, another one dies—and this time, it’s definitely murder. In a world with only two hundred people, there’s at least one killer.

Meanwhile, the colony’s new leader has a plan—but Leif has doubts. Will this man save the settlement, or use his power to become a dictator?

Leif and Yong’s mission is clear: they must leave the colony in shape to survive.

Leif is a retired soldier, not a detective, and when it comes to investigating a crime, he doesn’t have a clue. Literally. Still, it falls to him to follow the evidence and find the killer. He also needs to deal with the leader and the leader’s plan. If Leif fails, the only mystery may be how long it will take for everyone to die.

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About the Author

Colin Alexander is a writer of science fiction and fantasy. Actually, Colin Alexander is the pseudonym for Alton Kremer, maybe his alter ego, or who he would have been if he hadn\'t been a physician and biochemist and had a career as a medical researcher. Colin is an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, and the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.  Away from writing fiction, his idea of relaxation is martial arts (taekwondo and minna jiu jitsu). He lives in Maine with his wife.