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Promises of the Empire

by Vincent E.M. Thorn

Promises of the Empire - Vincent E. M. Thorn - Dreamscape Voyager
Part of the The Dreamscape Voyager Trilogy series:
ISBN: 979-8985818512
Size: 5.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 572
Pages: 706
ISBN: 979-8985818529
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 574

What is the cost of survival?

It's been a year since Cassidy Durant became the captain of the Dreamscape Voyager, and six months since she witnessed the carnage at the Dragon's Nest. Supported by her crew and Hymn — the enigmatic Fae with whom she has formed an illicit partnership — she has done all she can to carry on with her life. However, the horrors of the past refuse to stay behind her. Instead, they threaten the future of the entire Empire.

Promises of the Empire is the epic second installment in the Dreamscape Voyager Trilogy, which began with Skies of the Empire.

Reviews:Stephanie Chapman on Readers' Favorite wrote:

Vincent E. M. Thorn continues the saga with Promises of the Empire: Dreamscape Voyager Trilogy #2. Following the death of Elyia Asier, Cassidy became the captain of the ship. Cassidy believes she killed the murderer of her predecessor and ordered the immediate destruction of the Scorpion. A monster more fearsome than the dragons emerged after the dragons' nest fell during battle. The Leviathan destroyed everything in its path. Cassidy, Kek, Miria, Lierre, and Nieves travel back to Revehaven. While Miria and Cassidy were in town, the Empress summoned them to the palace. Cassidy was told that she must create a fleet to bring down the Leviathan and left with her crew to assemble the force. Meanwhile, a disaster occurs at the palace. Can Cassidy destroy the monster and who attacked the palace?

Vincent E. M. Thorn made sure there was never a dull moment in this novel. Every character’s history is mixed in without it being intrusive. The villains become much more skilled as Fae influences appear regularly. The mysterious Dreamscape is present in vivid detail and still has a dark foreboding. I found Kek to be my favorite character with his flirtatious humor and his noble dedication to protecting his crewmates from harm. I hated Cassidy for lying to her crew, especially since they trusted her implicitly. The crew interacted as a family, including the minor squabbles one would expect between siblings. An intense battle sets the stage for a sequel that I am eagerly awaiting. Promises of The Empire will keep readers entranced with the action, emotional turmoil, and rising tension between exceptional characters.

About the Author

Vincent E. M. Thorn is an award-winning fantasy author of mixed Japanese and European descent whose aspirations began in childhood. He spent many years writing short stories for friends and small online communities, but he finally entered the professional circuit in 2019 with his debut novel, Skies of the Empire.

Among his various influences, Vincent most regularly cites Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, and C.S. Friedman for shaping his writing. He currently lives in the metro-Atlanta area, He enjoys heavy metal and show-tunes, and is a huge fan of animation and comics.